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Now the machine system

2015-5-23 11:45:59

Water filtration system
City tap water after filter filter can produce the processing of direct drinking water, used for cooling after getting into the carbonizer carbonated water.
The CO2 system
CO2 gas after decompression provides two pressure is adjustable systems: one is the high voltage supply carbonizer to form carbonic acid water, the second is to syrup drive pressure, volume table (on behalf of the cylinder pressure), and in less than 400 psi subprime need to change the cylinder pressure reducing valve (give syrup barrels/syrup bag pressure), set in 40 to 60 psi primary pressure reducing valve (for carbonization pressure).
The CO2 system considerations
A. cylinders remain upright when using, do not placed horizontally, away from heat source.
B. check gas meter pressure every day, found that replaced immediately when the capacity is not enough.
C. each time the cylinders to ensure replacement gasket remained in gas meter within the joint.
D. use CO2 cylinder valve to full open, then swing 1/4 circle, convenient emergency easily shut, and reducing the leak.
E. after the replacement of CO2, in which to 3 to 4 cups of soda on a valve, the purpose the original pipeline without soda discharge of CO2.
Syrup system
Use stainless steel syrup barrels/syrup bags for the supply of syrup, using CO2 as a motivation.Syrup barrels of standard capacity of 5 gallons (18.9 liters), syrup bags for 20 liters.Syrup on top of the bucket has two joint with a tag, one of the joint is syrup outlet, another joint is CO2 input port.
Carbide system
After filtered by carbonizing pump pressurized water, after full cooling coil in the ice water tank, into carbide cylinder mixed with carbon dioxide, water to form carbonic acid.Carbonated water driven by carbide cylinder of high pressure CO2 is allocated in proportion to the valve head produce carbonated drinks.
Refrigeration system
Cold brewed mechanism system is mainly composed of compressor, condenser, evaporation coil, mixing plant, ice probe, electronic control board, etc, its working process: evaporation coil immersion in water tank, when the compressor work, refrigerant in the evaporator coil expands, absorb a lot of heat from the water, in the evaporation coil surface to form a 3-5 cm thick ice plate, thus ensuring of temperature in the tank at 0 degrees Celsius.This makes soaking in the water in the tank coil, syrup coil, carbide cylinder to obtain the required refrigerating capacity.When the probe to detect the thickness of the ice ice enough, electronic control board to control the compressor stop working.Peak when the ice plate used in soda loss, probe the ice thickness, electronic control board to control the compressor starts, start cooling reconstruction plate, so the cycle to ensure that drinks get qualified temperature.
Distribution system
When the valve is opened, the ice water tank cooling carbonated water and syrup preliminary mixed in the distributing valve valve mouth place, further in the flow to the glass mixed drinks.Distributing valve with can adjust the regulator of syrup, water flow, by adjusting the to get the proportion of sugar water required.